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Sheet metalwork

High precision of cutting, bending and finishong of plate components for the electrical industry and for machine production.

Innovative laser cutting solutions

Efficiency and flexibility in sheet metalwork

The technology of laser cutting ranks among the most cost-effective methods in material processing. With the aid of our sophisticated scheduling software, we guarantee efficient execution of work processes.

Through the application of this technology, we provide swift, flexible, and cost-conscious sheet metal processing and manufacturing. Using tools produced by laser cutting equipment, we are capable of working with various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and copper.

Decades of professional experience

Tailored solutions from prototype to series production

We boast over three decades of experience in the sheet metal market, and our highly trained sheet metal and welding team provides an advantage in the strict control and management of lead time and quality. Whether it involves a prototype or mass production, we entirely customize the manufacturing process according to your needs.

Success story of a well-functioning engineering team

Our comprehensive professionalism allows us to carry out any in-plant sheet metal work.

  • Laser Cutting and waterjet Cutting
  • CNC Bending and folding // CNC Punching // CNC Pressing // CNC Rolling // CNC Forming // CNC Grinding and Polishing

For the surface treatment of the finished products we offer our customers several alternatives (not exhaustive) chemical surface treatments, powder coating, polishing.

Our additional services: