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Part production

Our company is not only engaged in toolmaking and machine manufacturing, but also provides a wide range of component manufacturing services.

Versatile manufacturing solutions

Component production and machining, according to the customer's requirements

The production of components is based on the plans, drawings, or sample pieces provided by the customer. The manufacturing of the products is carried out by our skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields, ensuring exceptional quality.

High-quality component manufacturing

Flexible batch production and custom solutions

We achieve the production of products with our skilled professionals who consistently deliver exceptional quality in their respective fields. The production volume is not limited, as we can cater to medium- and small-scale orders, as well as custom-made pieces upon request. We have the capability to manufacture components of various sizes, complexities, and high precision using materials such as steel (ranging from St37 steel to highly alloyed steel), non-ferrous metals, castings, and plastic. The ordered product is manufactured from the required material quality in every case; if necessary we can do heat and surface treatments in case of sheet metal work, cutting, bending.

Innovative and professional machinery

High quality and precision work, limited only by dreams!

Our manufacturing facility consists of traditional, NC, and CNC controlled machines considering milling, turning, grinding or sheet metal work. In order to improve and extend our production capacity we recently installed a new CNC machining centre; in this way our milling capacity increased significantly; and the typical dimensions can be processed expanded as well. Our new machine allows us to do 5+1 – axis machining in case of quite big working pieces as well (1850 x 950 x 950 mm).

Our additional services: