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Cutting tool production

Manufacture high precision of cutting dies for all industries: automotive, shoes and furniture, from all kind of materials (leather, synthetic-leather, textile and carpet) and solutions.

Specialized cutting knives

Outstanding expertise in footwear and automotive

The production of specialized cutting knives plays a crucial role in the activities of our Ltd. Our company’s expertise encompasses a wide range of leather and textile industry products, including single and double-edged knives combined with various shaped punches. We particularly excel in manufacturing cutting knives for the footwear and automotive industries, backed by decades of professional experience.

Engineering expertise and precise solutions

Meeting customer expectations, using advanced technology

One unique feature of our high-quality cutting knives is their significantly greater durability compared to our competitors’ products, a result of our special manufacturing technology. This exclusive solution not only extends the lifespan of our tools but also contributes to the precision of the cutting tasks, which is indispensable for the quality production of shoe uppers.

Customer-Centric Excellence

Going Above and Beyond to Meet Your Needs

We market our broad product range both domestically and internationally. Our commitment to quality products and our professional experience ensure the provision of the most suitable cutting knives for our customers in the footwear and automotive applications.

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