Quality policy

The priority for the management of the company RIGO is to strengthen the competitiveness of the company. In the course of everyday work ahead of us a constant target to achieve an optimal level of profit activity supported by effective marketing activities providing continuous quality assurance.

We are aware that for meeting the higher needs the continuous development is essential.

The primary aspect for our management is to satisfy our customers with our various kinds of plastic injection moulding, die casting, cold forming – cutting tool design and production activities, furthermore the design, manufacture, sale and service of our machines for the printing industry, therefore one of our main principle is the customer orientation.

In order to secure the future, our operations efficiently, we need a direction to follow by all our employees. To this end, the company operates a quality management system operating in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

In our view the company’s quality management activities are important, its continued development is a primary mission.

Our principles:

  • To perform the tasks continuously we provide the necessary human and technical terms.
  • The well experienced staff ensure at all times the organization of work, and the good reputation of the company.
  • All of our employees are committed to quality-oriented work, provided by ongoing trainings.
  • We strive our activities related to legislation, standards compliance at all times, keeping in mind.
  • With our suppliers, subcontractors we are mutually seeking beneficial relationship, we require that they identify with our efforts to achieve our goals.
  • We comply the undertaken deadline at all times with reliable and responsible work.
  • The environmental aspects play an important role in the selection of the production technologies.
  • We continuously improve the company’s quality management system and its operational processes, to this end we continuously making quality objectives, which ones are constantly being screened in terms of performance.
  • The implementation of the quality policy is mandatory for all employees.