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Hydrocut hydraulic paper guillotine

Our hydraulic paper cutting machine offers a state-of-the-art solution for precise paper cutting, featuring a motor-driven encoder for accurate length adjustment to suit every project. Its hydraulic paper pressing system, controllable by a foot pedal, ensures flexible operation and paper stability during cutting. The adjustable pressing pressure, along with factory-set cutting force, guarantees consistent and reliable performance. Blade changing is simple and safe, with the necessary tools provided. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a microcontroller-assisted digital back gauge for easy programming and memory storage. With a maximum cutting size of 850 mm and a minimum of 35 mm, it is ideal for larger projects. A special feature is the easily removable back table, making it simple to transport in tight spaces. This hydraulic paper cutting machine is the ideal choice for those seeking precision, efficiency, and versatility in their work.



Hydrocut hydraulic paper guillotine technical details

Standard features:

Maximum cutting length 550/650/750/850 mm
Maximum cutting depth 550/650/750/850 mm
Minimum cutting depth 35 mm
Maximum cutting hight 80 mm
Cutting blade: Long-life HSS blade
Clamp: Foot pedal and hydraulic
Optical cutting line display
Optical light curtain & two hand operation
Touch screen

Available options for this model:

Air table

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