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e-Cut electromechanical paper guillotine

The e-Cut electromechanical paper cutting machine is a pioneer in precise and efficient industrial cutting solutions, specifically designed for those who prioritize stability and accuracy. Its innovative dual-axis guide rail system enables precise paper positioning and long-lasting, accurate operation, while the advanced optical curtain and built-in safety systems provide the highest level of safety during use. With adjustable pressure and intuitive touch screen control, the machine easily adapts to various user requirements, ensuring flexible and efficient operation for each project. The e-Cut’s design allows for personalized work processes, enhancing not only efficiency but also the quality of the final product, making the e-Cut a defining tool in the printing industry.



e-Cut electromechanical paper guillotine technical details

Standard features:

Maximum cutting length 550 mm
Maximum cutting depth 530 mm
Minimum cutting depth 25 mm
Maximum cutting hight 80 mm
Cutting blade: Long-life HSS blade
Clamp: Adjustable preasure & foot pedal
Optical cutting line display
Optical light curtain & two hand operation
Touch screen

Available options for this model:


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