Part production

Because of our mould and machine producer facility our company does not deal only with mould and machine production but various type of part production and manufacturing including machining and tooling as well.

The manufacturing happens as per schemes, plans, drawings or sample products received from the buyer. Our qualified and experienced staffs who realize high quality products are responsible for manufacturing.

The series quantities are not limited i.e. it is possible to order middle and small series, as per special needs unique products as well. We are able to produce and machine small and big sized, high precision and difficult parts from steel (from st37 quality to the strongly alloyed steel), non-ferrous metals, cast and plastic materials as well.

The ordered product is manufactured from the required material quality in every case; if necessary we can do heat and surface treatments in case of sheet metal work, cutting, bending.

Our manufacturing facility consists of traditional, NC, and CNC controlled machines considering milling, turning, grinding or sheet metal work. In order to improve and extend our production capacity we recently installed a new CNC machining centre; in this way our milling capacity increased significantly; and the typical dimensions can be processed expanded as well. Our new machine allows us to do 5+1 – axis machining in case of quite big working pieces as well (1850 x 950 x 950 mm).