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Renovation of the production hall of the RIGO Kft. Martfű site

The energy modernization of the building of the production hall located at the site of RIGO Kft. 5435 Martfű, Gesztenye sor 1 will be realized by carrying out the following activities as a result of the project:

Tender related informations

  • Name of the beneficiary: RIGO Szerszám- és Formakészítő Kft.
  • Amount of contracted support: HUF 49,364,997
  • Aid intensity: 45%
  • Contracted loan amount: HUF 49,365,000
  • Loan rate: 45%
  • Expected completion date of the project: 30.09.2020
  • Project identification number: GINOP-4.1.1-8-4-4-16-2017-00262

Description of project content

  • Complete flat roof insulation outside, inside
  • Installation of a heat pump system
  • Modernization of heating systems
  • Development of a central ventilation-cooling system
  • Replacement of existing fluorescent luminaires with modern LEDs
  • Installation of a 60kWp solar system on the roof shell.

As a result of the project, the current EE energy rated building will become BB rated. The primary energy consumption achieved by energy efficiency improvements is expected to decrease by 1,009,152 GJ per year, while the amount of energy produced from renewable sources will be 559.8 GJ / year. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by more than 77 t, the primary energy consumption of the building will be 435,820 kWh less per year. As a result of the project, we have the opportunity to reduce costs by more than HUF 10 million per year.