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Investing in the future

The Ministry of National Economy, as a Supporter, had qualified the RIGO Ltd.’s tender eligible which had been submitted to the invitation named “Expansion of production capacities of micro- small to medium-sized enterprises”, proclaimed within the framework of Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program.

Tender related informations

  • Project ID number: GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00833
  • Title of project: Technology improvement at the premise of Rigo Kft. at Martfű.
  • Applicant’s name: RIGO Szerszám – és Formakészítő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
  • Amount of funding: 100 813 976 HUF
  • Funding rate(in %): 50
  • Completion date of the project: 2017.6.30.

Description of project content

Within the framework of our project we applied for equipment purchase and for the related infrastructure investment.

Machines that had been purchased in the frame of the investment: QD 1530 laser cutting machine, DMF 180/7 machining center, NLX 2500/700 metal turning machine, heat treatment furnace. Relating to the purchase of the new production tools the infrastructure investments had become reasonable.

Due to the infrastructure investment, we save heat and electricity, moreover, by changing the doors and windows, and closing the unused ones, we can provide an aesthetic appereance to our factory building. This way we could develop the image of the building which made it more pleasant.