Mould production

Our company manufactures very versatile moulds for different industries (automotive, health care, light etc. industries), like plastic injection moulds, metal stamping and bending moulds, high pressure aluminium injection moulds and the combination of these procedures.

In the field of plastic injection moulds we make moulds for TR, SILICONE, POLYURETHANE, EPDM, RUBBER etc., for the different implementation like unicolor or multicolour in single cavity or multi-cavity, depending on the customer request.

Beside of that, our company has many sophisticated engineers to lead the R&D department, with close relation with the customer.

In order to reach our customers’ requirements, we provide many solutions in the field of high accuracy machining either steel or aluminium. In case of very fine and detailed surfaces we do our moulds by aluminium casting process, in this way we can reach optimum surface finishing.

In order to reach our customers’ satisfaction, we are committed to provide our customers with superior quality, excellent service at last but not least on-time delivery.