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RIGO Ltd. was founded in 1990 with a registered capital of HUF 25 million. 100% Hungarian owned company, family business.

The headquarters of the company is located in Budapest, Orsovai street 3, production takes place at two settlements, Martfű and Tiszaföldvár. The sites are owned by the company, the production is carried out in a modern factory halls with full infrastructure development. The number of employees is continuously increasing. Employees are welltrained professionals who speak European languages. 

Continuous growth in sales is driven by continuous marketoriented R&D innovation and the related development of the technology coupled with extensive marketing work, customer care and last, but not least the high quality of the manufactured products. We are contracted with suppliers. The established subcontracting relationships are organized, long-term and look back over many years.

The computerized production management system was introduced in 1995 and along with the development of the IT system that continuously developed and continuously updated. This versatile cutting work is made by our high-tech CNC machining centers.

The production takes place on two locations.


Operates as a central unit of the company. The significant part of the production takes place in Martfű. In this location the production of the bookbinder machines, mold production, cutting die and aluminum founding and machining takes place as well as the technical designing related to production.


At this location we manufacture the sheet metal parts and the machine frames with our CNC laser cutting and CNC edge
bending and other machine in relation to plate machining. In addition external orders will be delivered in case of free capacity.

Our company is ISO 9001 certied since 1998. The machines and equipment produced by RIGO are CE certied.

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