The adjustment of cutting length takes place with motor driven by an encoder to satisfy all requirements. The pressing of the paper to bind always takes place with hydraulics but it is possible to move the paper press with foot before hydraulic pressing. The pressure of the pressing is adjustable while the cutting force is adjusted by the manufacturer. The changing of the blade is simple; to do it safely we supply an appliance. Accessory of the machine is the cutting line display.The adjustment of the cutting length happens with microcontroller aided digitally displayed back gauge. The machine can be programmed with absolute and relative memory storing.

  • The maximum cutting length and cutting depth is 850 mm,
  • The minimum cutting length is 35 mm.

In case of entering ito a room which has only a small door, the back table can be removed easily.

Type of the machine Hydrocut 550 Hydrocut 650 Hydrocut 750 Hydrocut 850
Maximum cutting length (mm) 550 650 750 850
Maximum cutting depth (mm) 550 650 750 850
Minimum cutting depth (mm) 35 35 35 35
Maximum cutting height (mm) 80 80 80 80